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live class dance

live class dance

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         Come Dance with Me

Master Dance Artiste Franchesska Berry

The whole of femininity; power and softness, strength and grace, hard work and the subtleness of our sensuality that most times lays dormant and uncelebrated, at least, here in this country amongst women.

" It is my feeling that the beauty of the Feminine Essence oozes emanates, lives and radiates in/  from one’s self especially through dance."

Franchesska's energy often attracts audiences who are women, mothers and daughters who are looking for a holistic opportunity to celebrate each other. 

Female educators, teachers and servant leaders who give and nurture do not realize they, too are in need of replenishment. 

Dancing within an empowering dance community replenishes a women's feminine essence.

Additionally, this dance is for those wanting to polish their internal mirrors and for those who wish to achieve a feeling of great physical and mental shape. 


The dance is so powerful it spills over into your everyday life!

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