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Franchesska Berry

Franchesska Berry is an eloquent performer, choreographer, and international intercultural arts, educator. Franchesska specializes in dances and traditional culture of West Africa and the African Diaspora; however, her expertise is not limited to African based forms. Franchesska's unique dance style is heavily accentuated by her comprehensive background in the western classical forms of ballet, modern, jazz, and improvisational dance. Franchesska does not segregate dance and feels all movement stems from the same wellspring of human expression, dialects of the same language. Franchesska developed her professorial expertise as an academic leader in international intercultural art education, termed the Relational Model of Education. Pedagogy firmly rooted in the philosophical anthropology of African and African-American dance and cultural history. Franchesska attempts to know the possibility of enlightenment, appreciation, and healing from original African cultures, lost, forgotten, distorted, and denied through the arts.

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